About Us

Education and career guidance and counseling for youths and children. Education and Career counseling and guidance plays a key role in helping students, youths, labor markets work and education systems meet their goals. It also promotes equity: recent evidence suggests that social mobility relies on wider acquisition not just of knowledge and skills, but of an understanding about how to use them. In this context, the mission of career guidance is widening, to become part of lifelong learning. One key challenge before students and youths is decide a job or a course which is more suits for them. So, there is a necessary requirement of career guidance and counseling centers in the country.
We are living in a time of rapid change, and this has important implications for career planning. In the past people would work at one career (and often one job) throughout their lives. Now, young people can expect to have several careers in the course of their lifetime. To be successful, they will need to be flexible, creative, self-motivated, and able to innovate. They must plan to continually learn and upgrade their skills throughout their lifetimes.

Our Team

CA Ganesh Shetty InPAT
CA Ganesh

Qualified Chartered Accountant and fellow member of the institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI).
With the vision and passion to implement practical training programs for commerce aspirants, he has founded the Institute of Practical Accounting & Taxation.

Shashikala Shetty InPAT

She is an expert in Admin Related activities with over 8 years of experience with multinational companies.
She oversees the implementation of company strategies and handles overall supervisory responsibility for the entire company's operations.

Pradeep Shetty InPAT

He is involved in strategy formulation for the development of business operations across all domains.

Ashwin Hegde InPAT

He has graduated in Electrical & Electronics Engineering[EEE] and has extensive experience in Android & Full Stack Web Development.
He maintains the working of the InPAT Android App & Webiste, handles the digital presence of InPAT and implements new marketing strategies.

Our Vision

We strive to build a strong community of professionals with practical knowledge in Accounting and Taxation by providing a platform through which they can learn, share knowledge and connect with each other.

Our Mission

We provide guidance and a hands-on experience of real-world applications in accounting and taxation field to all aspirants. This practical experience will help aspirants to be job certified. Our vast community of professionals creates a lot of opportunities for aspirants to find the right career path. We are also actively connecting experts in accounting to build a community where everyone can share ideas and can connect with each other.